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About Us

Rolling Hills Pre-school has been delivering Early Childhood Education Programs since 1986. We are registered with the Department of Education and Training (DET) and are governed by the Education Care Services National Regulations 2011. A Committee of Management, made up of parents who are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, runs Rolling Hills Pre-school. The Committee is responsible for the overall function of the Pre-school as a small business including finances, staffing and maintenance. Rolling Hills Pre-school is an incorporated body and must also operate within the regulations set down by the Office of Trade and Business.


We currently offer one group for 3-year-old kinder and three groups for 4-year-old kinder that are known as the Blue Group, Orange Group and Green Group.  Each group contains up to 22 children. We also offer a toddler program called Sprouts. Children from 24 months and over are welcome and encouraged to participate. A parent or carer must stay for this program. It is the perfect introduction to ‘Kinder Life’ and enables the transition into 3-year-old kinder much easier on both child and parent or carer. 



To provide high quality education through a play based curriculum that nurtures, empowers and fosters a sense of wonder in each child in a safe and supportive environment. 

Rolling HIlls Preschool is committed to the ongoing protection, delivery of child safe practices and empowerment of all children within its organisation.

Our Goals

  • Children become effective learners as they develop their social skills, learn creativity and build their self-confidence through engage in fun, active and self-motivating play.

  • Our educators encourage, support and foster each child to reach their full potential.

  • Our intentionally planned preschool environment ensures that children have the freedom to explore, learn and grow whilst feeling safe and secure.

  • We endeavour to encourage family participation and community involvement to build a connection with the wider world and foster a sense of belonging.

  • Our educators recognise that learning is a journey and are committed to ongoing professional growth.

Our Philosophy

Meet The Teachers


Educational Leader

4-year-old teacher


3-year-old teacher

Sprouts Leader


3-year-old co-educator

4-year-old co-educator


3-year-old co-educator

4-year-old co-educator

3-year-old co-educator

4-year-old co-educator

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