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Our Philosophy


At Rolling Hills Preschool, we provide a welcoming and supportive environment offering quality
educational programs based on children’s developmental needs, nurturing their individual
strengths and interests. We believe children learn best when provided with the opportunity to
explore play-based experiences, with the guidance and extension of responsive educators. We
believe offering long periods of uninterrupted play for children supports optimal development
and learning.


We value establishing and building respectful, reciprocal relationships with families,
acknowledging that forming these partnerships promotes a positive experience and a strong
sense of belonging for the child. We encourage families to be active participants in their child’s
learning journey, collaborating with educators who provide open opportunities for interactions
and fluid communication. We value our connection within the community, reflecting and
embracing local values, and developing relationships with local organisations.


We view children as strong, capable, competent learners who actively participate in their own
learning journey, having the capacity to succeed regardless of diverse circumstances or
We strive for cultural competency, embracing equality and inclusivity for all learners, listening to
our children’s voices to guide our teaching and learning.


At Rolling Hills Preschool, we value our natural outdoor play space which inspires children to
connect with nature and promotes exploration and sustainability. Our natural environment is
well resourced, and age and developmentally appropriate. It allows for children to take
calculated risk to enhance development, supporting them to navigate the world around them.


We acknowledge the importance of ongoing critical reflection of our educational practices and
continually strive to improve the quality of our service. We value family’s, children’s and
educator’s individual perspectives and incorporate stakeholder feedback in our service culture.

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