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Our Programs

In 2023 we will be running a total of 4 groups each week: Three Preschool groups (Blue, Orange and Green Group) & one 3 year old group (Red Group). Below is some information regarding each of the groups.

Blue Group, Orange Group and Green Group

Four-year-old Kindergarten


This is the funded preschool program that is offered for the full 15 hours per week. The children during that time are working towards the overall goal of 'being ready and equipped for a successful transition to schooling and future education'. Throughout the year we focus on independence, interdependence, building confidence, forming relationships, resilience, problem solving and so much more.


The program is designed and catered for the children in each of the groups, offering different experiences as their interests are different and evolving. We use the children's interests and initiations to help guide and teach skills and concepts for life and future education. Our aim is to deliver a program that caters for all children involved, inclusion is a big part of what we do, respect for all involved in the program, and we honour each and everyone that comes into the program as being an active member.

Red Group

Three-year-old Kindergarten


This program is about children separating from their parents and care givers, forming new relationships with educators and children, following instructions, learning to sit and listen and participate in whole and small groups. We focus on developing social skills, independence, teaching play skills and respect towards others.

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