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Committee of Management


Rolling Hills Preschool is a warm and supportive environment where each child is respected for who they are now and will become in the future. We provide a play-based kindergarten programme that encourages each child's inventiveness, connection, and overall well-being.

Children can pursue their sense of wonder while exploring the playground at Rolling Hills Preschool, which is tucked among the gorgeous ancient trees that distinguish the region. We encourage parents to participate in their children's education by volunteering in the classroom as parent assistants or serving on the committee.​​


Committee of Volunteers

Rolling Hills Pre-school is a community kindergarten administered by a parent-led committee of volunteers. 


To join, you don't need any special abilities or credentials; all you need is a desire to participate and be a part of 

Rolling Hills Pre-school community. 


Joining Has Its Advantages


  • Working together on a same goal allows you to get to know other parents.

  • Develop a sense of belonging

  • Being a part of something meaningful while also contributing

  • Investing in your child's kindergarten and ensuring that it is well-run

  • The mental stimulation of a new challenge and different type of work

It's now or never.

  • Meetings are held every month in the evening (at the Kinder. or via Google Meets)

  • The amount of extra time required on a monthly basis varies by position. It could be as little as 2 hours each month

  • The majority of roles can be completed on a computer at home

  • All jobs are designed to be adaptable


Committee of Management Roles


The volunteer Committee of Management oversees the operation of Rolling Hills Pre-school. Parents whose children are enrolled at the Pre-school make up the Committee of Management (CoM). At the Annual General Meeting, any parent may nominate for a position on the CoM. at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Nominations can also be submitted before the AGM. If there are more nominations than there are open posts, an election will be held at the AGM.

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