Committee of Management

Management of Rolling Hills Preschool rests with the voluntary Committee of Management. This Committee consists of parents whose children are enrolled at the pre-school. Being part of the Committee enables parents to be involved in the planning and decision making process of the Preschool and ensures that their child receives the highest quality care and education. Any parent may nominate for a position on the Management Committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Nominations can be received prior to the date. In the case of more nominations than positions vacant, an election will be held at the Annual General Meeting. 

Volunteering to be a committee member is a very positive and constructive way in which you can contribute to your child's experience at pre-school. 

President (Executive Role)

The President represents the committee to the outside world. This role requires task delegation, helping people understand priorities and decision making. The outgoing President will be available for ongoing support and consultation where requested.

Key tasks include:

  • Chair monthly committee meetings and ensure everyone has equal opportunity to contribute to the meeting

  • Ensure proper procedure is followed at all times including the making of decisions

  • Oversee staff training and development

  • Liaise with different official bodies including Yarra Ranges Council, DEECD, KPV and more.

  • Keep the committee running in a smooth and productive manner

Vice President (Executive Role)

The main focus on this role is to ensure the Pre-school is offering consistently high quality education and environments. 

Key tasks include:

  • Chair Committee meetings and take over responsibility in the absence of the President

  • Responsible for Insurance and OH&S 

  • Second in charge and works in close partnership with the President

  • Manage Quality Assurance including:

    • Policy review and assessment

    • Amend policy based on regulations and kindergarten philosophies, programs and procedures

  • Manage the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

    • Liaise with staff to facilitate and implement QIP actions

    • Ensure that mandatory documentation requirements are met, including notices that must be displayed, relevant signage and requirements for diagnosed medical conditions

Secretary (Executive Role)

The main role of the secretary is to assist in communications between the committee, staff, parents and the community.

Key Tasks include:

  • Open, document, distribute, reply and draft all incoming and outgoing correspondence with relevant signatures

  • Record, file and distribute all meeting minutes and related actions

  • Update contact information accordingly

  • Maintain confidential files

  • Advertise AGM in local paper.


Treasurer (Executive Role)

The Treasurer is supported by a paid, part-time book keeper who does the actual book keeping and monthly report preparation.

Key Tasks are:

  • Liaise with assistant treasurer to ensure they have all relevant, updated documents and information

  • Distribute all monies (via cheque)

  • Deposit monies into relevant accounts

  • Provide detailed monthly cash payments and deposits for assistant treasurer.


Assistant Treasurer

This position is outsourced.


Enrolment Officer/Fees Officer

This role is to be fulfilled by two people. The Enrolment Officer and Fees Officer work together closely as a team to oversee and manage all aspects of enrolment at the Pre-school.

Key Tasks:

  • Manage and respond to enrolment enquiries via the Enrolment Officer’s mobile phone that is supplied by the Pre-school

  • Prepare and execute mail outs of relevant enrolment/registration documentation

  • Regularly collect deposits from the Enrolment box

  • Work in conjunction with staff to compile class lists

  • Maintain the enrolments master file

  • Update, order, print and prepare AGM packs

  • Prepare Child Care Rebate for all families

  • Responsible for all fee invoicing/correspondence with parents

  • Prepare fees banking for Treasurer


Fundraising Co-ordinator (plus 3-4 Fundraising Assistants)

This role is completed in conjunction with three-four Fundraising Assistants – one from each group. It involves the planning and organising of all fundraising for the Pre-school.

Key tasks include:

  • Arrange all fundraising

  • A mobile phone is supplied by the pre-school for the fundraising Co-ordinator

  • Co-ordinate three fundraising assistants

  • Collect information regarding possible fundraising opportunities to present to the Committee

  • Collect, bank and reconcile all monies regarding fundraising and submit report to Treasurer

  • Organise and collect correspondence regarding Pre-school photos

  • There are four main fundraisers each year:

    • Trivia night

    • BBQ

    • Chocolates

    • Open/Market day


Maintenance Officer

This is an indoor/outdoor role.

Key tasks are:

  • Organise all quotes, repairs and maintenance to be carried out at the Pre-school

  • Present quotations to Committee.

  • Supervise any grounds or building projects

  • Organise working bees


IT Co-ordinator

This role can be completed out of hours to enable those who cannot attend the pre-school during work hours to fulfil the position.

Key tasks include:

  • Update the website as needed

  • Maintain all computers at the Pre-school

  • Attend to all computer related issues


Purchasing/Uniform Officer

This role’s key tasks include:

  • Purchase items required by staff with the provided float (e.g. milk, pet food, stationary, etc.)

  • Source prices for specified items when required

  • Responsible for fulfilling all uniform orders throughout the year

  • Ensuring uniform stocks are maintained

  • Storing stock (approximately 3-4 plastic tubs)

  • Running the uniform shop at the AGM and on orientation day


Group Contacts (one person per group)

Key tasks are:

  • Assist with any of the above positions as required and actively participate in sub-committees

  • Prepare and distribute your groups fruit duty/laundry roster

  • Create, maintain and distribute group contact list

  • Forward any committee correspondence to the group via email

  • Act as representative of your group by presenting any queries, concerns or suggestions at monthly Committee meetings.