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Sprouts - 2 Year Old

Sprouts is for children aged 2 - 3 in the year before 3 year old kinder. It is run by one of our very experienced educators - Miss Julie. Mostly Sprouts is about having fun and playing. Children learn best through play. It is a wonderful opportunity for families to meet each other and for children to gain skills and confidence for starting Preschool.

PLEASE NOTE: Our SPROUTS sessions require a parent or guardian to be present onsite with their child.

The Sprouts program is a very relaxed program that gradually builds in structure over the year as the children get used to the session. We have a fantastic, nature-centred outdoor area and a stimulating indoor environment that the children can explore as they wish - coming together for mat time with a story and a song twice over the two hour session. Miss Julie is a trained Mother Goose practitioner and uses the methods of the program to help you connect with your child through song and rhyme. See for more information. 


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